suture kit

  1. Q

    New Suture Kit

    Hello! I am selling a new suture kit. It is is a Sim*Suture kit from sim-vivo.com (link = http://sim-vivo.com/simsuture.html ) They sell on the website for $47.95 + the price of shipping + tax. I am selling mine for $40 with free shipping and no tax. Please let me know if you are...
  2. Doctor Anton

    Test Tools The Apprentice Doctor How to Suture Wounds Course and Suturing Kit

    SUTURE WOUNDS PROFESSIONALLY IN NO TIME! An amazing Certified Suturing Course and a great Suturing Practice Kit - your Simulation Lab in a Box! Dear Student The Apprentice Doctor® is again offering 3 Apprentice Doctor Suturing Kits as part of the SDN Test Prep Week raffle! Simply comment on...