1. su.asra14

    Pharmacist to Med

    Hi guys, I’m Canadian and i just did pharmacy school from the UK and im trying to get licensed here in Canada currently. However in the future i want to apply to medical school and wanted to know if med schools would take into consideration my background in pharmacy and practice because i would...
  2. Melbel505

    Typical Nontraditional question

    Hello everyone, Yes, this is another nursing to medical school question. Thanks for reading, and hopefully responding. This is my second year in nursing, but I feel like it is not as challenging as I want it to be. I have a 3.98 in all my classes. I have taken General Chemistry I & II and Bio...
  3. E

    Feeling discouraged as a psychiatrist, switch field?

    Hey guys I'm currently finishing a CL psychosomatic medicine fellowship. After doing my medical school CL rotation I absoluetly knew I would go into psychiatry just for the sake of doing CL and no one, esp my parents, could tell me otherwise. Honestly psychiatry was the absolute last field I...