1. kidthor

    Locums on the side to get 1099 income / associated tax benefits

    Hi all - I'm wondering if any of you do locums on the side in order to get 1099 income and associated tax benefits (writing things off a business expenses, contributing to 401K beyond your W2 job, etc). I have a decent W2 job but they give limited opportunity for overtime and of course I'm...
  2. T

    Grad student tax

    Opinion | The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students What do you guys think about this (for those who don't know, this bill would tax grad students on the tuition waivers they've received, counting them as income)? People who are working in universities—is there any talk about loopholes...
  3. X

    Is education expense money taxable income?

    Hi all, I went to a conference. I was reimbursed for expenses (hotel, conference fee, etc) using mostly the yearly education expense money we get as residents and partially from the once a year conference money we get if we're presenting a topic. I had paid for all of it with my credit card...
  4. 7

    New Grad buying a Dental Practice

    So I was reading the "Lets buy a Dental Practice" thread by Hammer and it was pretty interesting but I still have a few questions about the whole process. Is it feasible for a new grad 1 year out of Dental School to buy a million dollar practice and would a bank loan over 700k for that...
  5. P

    Base Pay vs. Take Home in Residency

    Could a couple interns/junior residents tell me how me how much they lose from their base pay through taxes etc.? If you feel comfortable, granted this is obviously anonymous, please state your gross and then the monthly take home amount. I am trying to get a feel for what I will be working with...
  6. ChefBoyboyarDEEZ

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Current HPSP Bonus/Stipend After Tax

    For anyone wondering how much money you currently (9/16) take home after taxes from the HPSP signing bonus and monthly stipend: Of the $20,000 bonus I took home: $13,750 (about 68%) Of the monthly stipend: $936 x2 per month = $1,872 per month