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    MA/MS Psychology MA - Columbia U.

    Hi all - I'm not sure if I'm posting this to the right forum because I've never posted before... I was just accepted to the psych. in education (clinical psych.) MA program at Teacher's college at Columbia U. I have heard mixed reviews on this program and wondered if anyone here could share...
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    Masters before DPT

    Hi Everyone! I've just recently been accepted into Teacher's College, Columbia University Motor Learning masters program. My ultimate goal is to obtain my DPT and end up becoming both sports performance/orthopedic rehab specialist. I finished my undergrad last summer and decided to take the...
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    MA/MS New School, Teachers College. Anyone have info?

    Hi all, I was accepted to New School and think the program, research and faculty are great. I have to let them know by this Friday and put down the (non-refundable) deposit. I was also accepted (on Monday) to Teachers College MA program, which I am not as familiar with but trying to pick up...