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  1. LindaAccepted

    General How to Eliminate Test Anxiety

    Ace any standardized admissions test, with top-tier academic coaching and effective tools to manage anxiety [Show summary] Bara Sapir has been providing test prep for over 20 years and is a pioneer in mindful test taking, implementing a holistic approach to the test prep process. She shares her...
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  3. K

    Altius Review - Not Really Worth it

    My review of Altius: Time Spent: 2 months Program: Gold w/MCAT One-on-One Tutoring Mcat Date: May 31st Start of Course : December End of Course: February (early termination * reasons explained below) Location: Southeast - new location, was part of first group of students to enrolled...
  4. rubikscube85

    How to interpret different diagnostic exams?

    Just wanted to hear some opinions from people who have more knowledge of MCAT prep and test prep companies than I lol I've taken three diagnostic exams through Kaplan, NextStep, and Princeton Review Kaplan - 495 (half length) NextStep - 503 (full) Princeton Review - 491 (full) I zoned out...