test taking strategies

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    Need a new study schedule....

    So im a first semester Freshman Pre Med and just started Winter Break. In terms of how the last semester went, one could say that the semester could have gone a lot better. My grades as of now look to be: a B- in General Chem 1, a A in Chem Lab 1, An C-/D+ in Biology 1, a C in Bio Lab, a B+ in...
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    Hi everyone, I'm currently 2.5 weeks away from my scheduled test date (which I am strongly considering moving to a later date in March) but I am having an immense amount of trouble improving my score. I have no problem when it comes to the actual content we need to know in all 3 science...
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    EPPP tutor in los angeles area

    Hello! I am looking for an EPPP tutor in the Los Angeles area. It can also be someone who has passed the exam that really knows test taking strategies. Thank you!!!