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  1. C

    General Admissions & OTCAS HBCU MOT Program Admission 2020

    I haven't seen a thread for HBCU MOT programs so I'm starting a thread. Feel free to share stats, interview dates, acceptance etc. Here are my stats: Undergraduate: Texas State University Major: Exercise Sports Science Overall GPA: 3.35 Graduating School GPA: 3.38 GRE Scores: 185 Overall (138...
  2. alsh1993

    Other OT-Related Information OT School Advice .. TX

    So I will graduate in 2016 with my BA in Psychology. I have chosen to take 2 years off and commit to Teach For America in order to be able to pay for grad school. My Teach For America placement is Houston, TX and I was wondering if someone could give me advice about Texas OT schools for when my...