thyroid disease

  1. G

    Compounding Pharmacy Question

    If you are making 100 capsules of t3/t4 9mcg/36 mcg, what factor will be important for the T3 calculation other than purity?
  2. Polycherry

    How does hyperthyroidism cause diarrhea?

    According to Robbin's Pathology, hyperthyroidism leads to an overactivity of the sympathetic system. It also goes on to mention that this sympathetic hyperstimulation in the gut leads to increased motility leading to diarrhea and malabsorption. How would sympathetic stimulation cause...
  3. Pakku-man

    Endocrinology: Reference Material for Thyroid dz and Diabetes

    Hello Everybody! If you are an endocrinologist or an endocrinology fellow, would you please recommend me any books or review articles for thyroid disease and diabetes? I am an M4 who is interested in broadening my scope of knowledge in endocrinology. I just recently learned about "ketosis-prone...