tpr cars workbook

  1. A

    EK Set and In-Class books: TPR Books

    Hi everyone, I got into medical school and no longer need these books. Payments and shipping costs will be processed via Paypal or venmo. All prices include shipping. SELLING: I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes: The Princeton Review (TPR) TPR MCAT Science...
  2. P

    TPR Hyperlearning workbook

    Hey yall, do the TPR Hyperlearning verbal workbooks vary from year to year? Would the 2011 edition be different from the 2014 edition? They're so hard to find, i want to make sure i'm buying one that would be useful for taking a 2018 MCAT. And just to confirm, most of the passages are the same...
  3. afterallthistime

    Selling TBR, EK, TPR sets!

    Selling this EK set for $65. The MCAT 101 Passages has been marked with pencil throughout. Everything else is clean. Some may have pencil markings on 3-4 pages. Brand new, never used TPR 2016 set; $150 whole set or $20/book Used, all books are clean; no markings at all: $20/subject book...
  4. G

    For Sale A ton of MCAT Books for Sale!!!!!: BR, Kaplan, EK, TPR

    I am selling a bunch of MCAT Books. All of these books are in GREAT condition and have absolutely no markings in them. I would like to keep the books in their respective companies set (e.g Kaplan, BR, EK...). However, I am willing to part them out individually if need be. The Berkeley Review...
  5. A

    Selling: TPR Hyperlearning 2011, TBR Complete 2013, EK Complete 9th Ed, Kaplan Biochem 2nd Ed

    I'm selling the following. Everything is for the new MCAT. -SOLD ---TPR Hyperlearning, 2011, very good condition--- SOLD -SOLD ---TBR Complete Set, 2013, good condition, some pen marks--- SOLD -TBR Biology Part 1 and 2, 2015, new condition, no markings -EK Complete Set, 9th Ed, 2015, like new...
  6. M

    For Sale TBR Complete Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook

    Update: Items no longer available. Created a new post to address issues that some of you had w/ my previous one. For sale: The Berkeley Review Complete Set, 2016 ed. Psychology Chemistry I Chemistry II Biology I Biology II Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physics I Physics II Verbal...