tpr science workbook

  1. M

    TBR passages vs TPR science workbook

    Hey guys, I have the 2015 TPR science workbook and was wondering how those passages compared with those of the TBR updated for MCAT 2015 book passages? Also, how do the TPR science workbook passages compare with the Nextstep strategy and practice books? Thank you
  2. LabDoc33

    Cheap MCAT books

    Looking to get rid of my old books here. I know they aren't specifically for the 2015 test and beyond, but mostly same concepts here and extra questions cant hurt! All books have no writing. I have EK set: $30 plus shipping. Whole TPR set: $40 plus shipping. TPR science workbook: $30 plus...
  3. G

    Princeton Review self study schedule for Jan test

    Hi SDN, I will be taking mcat in jan and plan to study TPR on my own. I have been finding different self study schedules, buy none for princeton review. Can someone please share or link me to where I can find one? Also, I have the six PR review books, but can't find the science workbook...