transition year

  1. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  2. P

    Position Swap PGY1 TY in miami wanting to swap for any prelim (surg/int/TY) in PA, MI, OH, WV, MD

    I have a Transitional Year PGY1 in the Miami area, I am looking to swap with any type of prelim (including surgery) in PA, Ohio, Michigan, WV, or MD. The only reason for wanting to swap is family, the TY is great! Let me know.
  3. T

    MSK-CC TY Interview Date Swap

    Hi everyone, I have a January 5th interview for the MSK Transitional Year that became conflicted with an advanced specialty interview. Would anyone be willing to swap dates with me?
  4. F

    Please delete.

    Please delete.
  5. D

    prelim or TY to delay match so I can couples match the next year

    I am a third year and my SO is a second year. We want to end up in the same city and would ideally couples match if we were in the same year. Apart from taking a year to get another degree (MPH/MBA/whatever) 0r research, is it possible for me to do a prelim/ty year (given im considering programs...
  6. AT_surf12

    Only applying for transition/prelim year?

    Looking for a little insight.. Fourth year student still unsure about a decision for residency. Is it possible to apply for only a transition year or prelim year and than apply for specialty the following year? Or possible to apply transition/prelim year and match into specialty but reapply and...