1. S

    Stanford Laboratory Animal Science Program

    The Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford University is now accepting applications for our MLAS cohort. Students enrolled in the MLAS degree program will learn and work in research labs run by world renowned experts in translational research, animal modeling of human and animal...
  2. P

    Specialization best poised (expertise/culture) to lead translation of Tissue Engineering next 30yrs?

    Which surgical specialty/sub-specialization will be best poised to exert leadership in this emerging area of the field, and why is it a cut above the others for the next ~30yrs? Curious what people think off the cuff. Any evidence you can cite/share? Caveat: if answering CT, myocardium...
  3. L

    Doing research for the gap year?

    Hi guys I'm currently studying for the May 19th MCAT and decided just last month that I wasn't going to apply this year as I don't feel I am ready the app cycle. Especially since I won't be sure what my MCAT score will be. Anyways, I'm looking for some advice. I hope to apply 2018, which will...
  4. RayitoLX

    Post-Bac Bioengineering Research & Schools

    Hi everyone! First post, hoping to feel welcome here. I am currently a senior graduating with degrees in EE and physics, and I will be applying for MD/PhD programs this June. Because of the timeline, this means I will be looking and applying to year-long experiences in research for 2016-2017...