1. A

    University College Cork?

    Hi everyone, I am a Canadian student that will be attending UCC starting this September for the 5 year medical program. I just wanted to know anyone else that will be attending there as well!
  2. A

    Pregnant During Internship

    I'm currently on internship at an APA-Accredited university counseling center and recently learned that I am pregnant. My spouse and I are thrilled, and at the same time, I'm also considering how to address this at my internship. I will likely be 22-24 weeks along when internship is scheduled...
  3. H

    UCC vs SJB SOM

    Hi, I have been accepted into UCC and SJB in PR. I know there is a versus thread of this two schools but I would like a more updated opinion. Accreditation for SJB is not a problem anymore, so I won't take that into consideration.
  4. jugodeparcha

    San Juan Bautista vs. Universidad Central del Caribe

    I know there's already a thread like this but it's from 5 years ago and there's a lot of arguing about legitimacy of PR schools and such... anyway I need to make a decision here, and I hope someone with knowledge about the PR schools can help me. I am an OOS applicant, Spanish speaker with 95%...
  5. H

    UCC 5 year Class of 2021

    Might be a bit early, but anyone accepted (and planning to attend) to the 5 year program at UCC?