1. C

    Roommate Spacious Shared 2 Bedroom Apartment 10-Minute Walk to UofC Calgary, Alberta

    See RentFaster ad for photos/details -> Calgary Pet Friendly Shared For Rent | University Heights | Spacious Master Bedroom | ID 377225 - RentFaster.ca Ideal location for University of Calgary students, Foothills hospital staff, or a professional couple! $725 for single occupancy, $900 for...
  2. HelloSunshine96

    WCVM/UCVM c/o 2023

    I know it's super early but I thought I'd start a thread for this upcoming application season because I'm just so excited! T-3ish months until applications start!!:p
  3. TheGirlWithTheFernTattoo

    WCVM/UCVM c/o 2022

    Applications don't start for a month, but let's get this party started! After creeping and talking on this thread for several years this will be my first year applying. Very nervous/excited, but I expect to be applying again next year and my ultimate goal is to just get an interview. :)...
  4. H

    What should I do? (WCVM/ UCVM)

    Hello - I have gotten myself into a predicament. I am currently a 4th year science student in Alberta and I have struggled with my study habits all of university. I started off first year with a low 2.5 GPA, but I have managed to pull my GPA up to a 3.0 as of this current moment. I do want to...
  5. S

    WCVM/UCVM C/O 2021

    Hi guys, not much going on yet but thought I would start a thread for this year!
  6. beancat

    Canadian Vet Schools (WCVM, UCVM and OVC?)

    Hi everyone! I am going into my final year of high school next year, so I am considering my choices for university. I am currently an Alberta resident and I really want to specialize in companion animals in the future. I have a few questions about the possible vet schools I can attend! Between...
  7. vetstudent25

    Western U CVM c/o 2020

    Hey everyone! Just starting this to connect people who have applied to Western U CVM this year. Applications were due quite a while ago, or so it seems like. Has anyone heard back yet? EDIT: There has already been a Western c/o 2020 forum started. It can be found here...