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    I can't seem to come to a decision in which undergraduate school to attend for Pre-med in Texas.

    I've already applied to these schools: UT (Austin), Texas A&M (College Station), Baylor, Texas Tech (With Honors), and Austin College. Major is Biochemistry. Given the fact that UT and A&M are more of a reach for me, and Baylor is a little expensive, I've been heavily considering Tech with...
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    Online Undergraduate Detrimental in AUD Application?

    Hello Everyone! I am a senior in Arizona State's Online Religious Studies program and will be graduating this spring. I currently have a 3.96 GPA and am fairly confident in my ability to attain a 305+ combined score on my GRE. My father is an Audiologist in the VA system and loves his job; I...
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    Considerations of Undergraduate Schools in Application Process

    I'm wondering how much Med schools look into the rigorousness of our undergraduate schools. I'm asking this because I believe my school (UNC Chapel Hill) is more demanding compared to the average (not trying to sound cocky.) And I'm aware of this because I'm a transfer student. I transferred...