1. C

    Renting 1 bed-1 bath - Northern New Jersey Condo for Short-Term Rental - Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Rutgers, Elizabeth, Weequahic, Newark, Union, and Nutley

    I have a 1 bed-1 bath condo in Northern New Jersey available for short-term rental for professional students doing their away rotations either at Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Rutgers University, Elizabeth, Weequahic, Newark, Union, Nutley, and surrounding areas. The condo is specifically...
  2. P

    What's it like to be a union pharmacist?

    Any union pharmacists here? Do you have better working conditions? How much do they take out of your paycheck?
  3. D

    Residency Unions- Are they helpful or detrimental to the residency experience

    Was wondering what kind of experience that those of you who are part of residency union have? What are the positives and negatives. There is an opinion piece that was written called The Fault in Our Systems- On Physician Unions. Do you think it has any interesting points? Any thoughts?
  4. DansStudentDocRole

    Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances to get into a great med school?

    To Whom It May Concern: Hi. I'm premed. I'm a college senior. I work as a NY hospital nurse attenant and I'm about to become a Union Delegate (healthcare insurance Workers pay organization). Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances into getting accepted into a medical school? I ask...