university of edinburgh

  1. avalcraw

    UK vet school straight out of high school- debt/decisions

    Hello! I am a senior in high school applying through UCAS to many of the UK vet schools 5 year bachelor of veterinary medicine and surgery. For context, UK vet schools allow some international high school leavers to go into their 5 year vet schools, and gain a BVMS (equivalent to DVM and all...
  2. PinkMicroPipette

    C/O 2023 Dilemma

    Hello! I was accepted to C/O 2023 VMCVM and Edinburgh. I was also waitlisted for Tufts. I have been leaning towards UEdinburgh, for its cheaper tuition - not its COL-, vs VMCVM. I am curious as to whether foreign grads (UK degrees) encounter issues finding employment in the U.S.? And how...
  3. D_Ts

    MPH or MSc choosing between London School of Hygiene and University of Edinburgh?

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine does not have MPH it only offers different streams of MSc , I have applied there and to MPH in University of Edinburgh but am not sure which one to choose! I am an international student my passion is towards Medicine for which I am planning to apply...
  4. P

    MPH edinburgh

    i have an offer to study MPH at the university of edinburgh. I know that Ed is a highly ranked research university and one of the best in Europe and the UK. However, how is their MPH program? Any graduates in this on this forum?? Are the career prospects good? Will an MPH from Edinburgh open...