1. goldchallenge

    Unusual Circumstance Coursework AMCAS question

    What is the best way to document coursework for a bachelor's degree for which I didn't actually do any coursework specifically for the bachelor's degree? I was able to repurpose undergraduate coursework I had done previously as prerequisites for a professional degree program plus some of the...
  2. A

    Question about failed opportunities

    Hello, So i'm not sure if this question has been asked, but should you put down activities that you attempted in good faith but utterly failed at? For example, during my senior year, I wanted to get involved with research and decided to join a neurologist's research group who was studying...
  3. LVUS

    Non-trad path in E. Europe. "Desperate" for info/feedback!

    Hello! This is my first thread on SDN, so I'm nervous... Please do bear with me I'm an American soon-to-be 29 year old living in Riga, Latvia. I decided relatively recently that I'd like to become a doctor, which was a radical 180 from my lifelong aversion to the study of science. Needless...