1. ifJDwasagirl

    MD & DO WOLF PACC for live USMLE prep? Plz send help

    hello SDN - I'm new to the site & I need advice! I want to do a live USMLE prep during the summer between M1 & M2 years (Current MS1 at an allopathic school). The WolfPacc program was recommended to me, but then I read a bunch of reviews that seemed fake (both good & bad) & now I'm worried...
  2. E

    USMLEagle vs WolfPacc vs Pass-Program

    Hello, first-time poster sorry in advance....I failed my step one (185) and now to avoid getting kicked out of my house my parents are forcing me to attend an onsite course. I read through the forms some pro's and con's for the aforementioned programs but nothing seemed very up-to-date. Please...
  3. A

    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep for Step 2 CK

    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep LLC I recently completed 5 weeks at USMLEagle studying for STEP 2 and would like to present a review since I couldn’t find any good reviews before deciding to come here. I will try my best to be as objective as possible to let you make your opinion about the...