veterinary technician

  1. Elfanara

    What to do during the year before trying again?

    So I am still on the wait list for UF, but I like to know and hash out all possibilities. For people who have been though this before and didn't get in their first time, what did you do during the year off? I was thinking about working as a Vet Tech, but I don't know if I can because I didn't...
  2. Manders221

    Should I get an associates degree?

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, for the past month or so I've absorbed as much information from this forum as I can get my hands on. My mind is still jumbled and I could use the advice of people who have gone through the application process... so here goes my long post Last year I...
  3. RabbitLove

    Should I give up while I still can?

    I have wanted to be a veterinarian for six years. My entire life has basically revolved around caring for animals. I have even gone as far as to foster over 70 animals in the past three years, work for an animal shelter, and even obtain the position of, "small animal coordinator". I am no...
  4. The Cat

    Really, really discouraged. I think I need a break. Advice please?

    Hello all. Well, allow me to vent..... So far 2016 has been quite sucky for me. Failed two of the most difficult classes of my VT program (something had to give, had 8 classes in total), Animal Medicine and Animal Surgery. Tuition is 5000$ and I must retake the classes in Spring 2017. Ever...