washington state university pharmacy 2022

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    Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    There are no breaks from exams throughout the semester. All four exams are on a SINGLE DAY on Mondays and there are a full day of classes the next day. Most pharmacy schools have their therapy, pharmaceutics, and physiology finals spread throughout the week, but not here. With Spring Break...
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    WSU interview attendance 2018

    How large was the group of people you interviewed with? Mine was about 15 on 3/30. Just curious on how likely to be accepted.
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    Washington State University C/O 2022 Applicants (Entering 2018)

    Hi, I'm starting this thread hoping to hear from more WSU applicants. Has anyone heard anything from WSU (interview, application under review, etc.)? To start off... my application was completed on Sept 2nd. I haven't heard anything since then. Based on threads from previous years, WSU was...