1. E

    Compilation FOAMEd (= Free Open Access Med Education) Resources

    Update - had to take down the site after all. Didn't have time for maintenance.
  2. N

    As a dental student, what did you wish you had to help you?

    In the future, I hope to start a website specifically for predental and dental students. It would include informative videos, easy-to-understand study guides, tips and tricks, information for students hoping to study abroad and its own chat forum. What would you or what would you have wanted to...
  3. B

    For Sale www.harvardmedicine.com

    Hello, I have recently acquired the URL http://www.harvardmedicine.com/ The website URL is for sale and I'm willing to take offers if interested. Whether your last name is Harvard or you graduated from Harvard, harvardmedicine.com is a prime way to market yourself as a doctor or your practice!
  4. A

    Are there any websites for communication with Medical Doctors for students?

    Are there any websites for communication with Medical Doctors for students?
  5. D

    The Internet Medical Mnemonics Database

    Hey everyone, Looks like y'all are a fan of using mnemonics, so I put together a website over the weekend for collecting and categorizing them. It's called the Medical Mnemonics Database (MMDB), and you can view as well as add your own entries. I know there are many other sites out there, but...
  6. L

    Medic.me domain name auction ending Oct 19

    the Medic.me domain name is being auctioned on NameJet.com. The auction ends Oct 19. Good luck!
  7. a7xnck

    Unable to access my GRE account on ETS?

    Has anyone else been experiencing issues with logging into ets.org/mygre??? Upon entering my credentials and logging in I am brought to a "Review Personal Information Page" and then to a "Confidentiality Agreement" page. Once I submit the latter of the two, it brings me right back to the...
  8. O

    For Sale OT Student Website and Anatomy Software

    No longer willing to chase the OT dream and moving on. I have an OT student website set up with WordPress with several posts, custom domain, and email address. I put a lot of time and effort into setting it up and instead of letting it just disappear, I would rather let someone else buy it and...
  9. Denraham


    Hello everyone, So I heard there are a lot of good notes on a website called predds.net but all I keep getting is: Even when I click blogs posts through Google, it leads me to this. :boom: I am really sick of seeing this smiling lady..:bang: Can anyone please tell me if there is another...
  10. S

    Image Mnemonic Sharing Website

    Just wanted to share something I found today. I’m a big fan of Picmonic and SketchyMedical and just found a site that allows you to share any that you’ve made. There isn’t much on there yet, but it’s something to check out. The site is www.doctoredimagesmd.com
  11. M

    Is there any demand for a medical education website?

    In my spare time over the past two years I've been teaching myself web programming. As a "computer person" I feel like the medical education experience could be improved so much with the use of the technology we have available to us. I wanted to know if there's demand for a medical education...