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    UCLA Internal Medicine - AMA

    Hey everyone!~ I'm a UCLA intern at Ronald Reagan Medical center, and I wanted to start a AMA for all of the applicants this year! I love my program and I really want to share everything about it that makes it so wonderful, but also give an honest review of some of the aspects we could improve...
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    Matching West Coast DR

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    ENT DOs on west coast???

    Are there DO ENTs that are working on the west coast in states like CA, WA, CO, NV? After residency, can a DO ENT move wherever he/she wants to and practice or are DO ENTs restricted to the midwest/east coast where the AOA ENT programs are located at?
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    Help with College Research, Junior in HS

    Hi, I'm from Montana and am interested in a career in the medical field. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for good pre-med schools in the PNW, but also including California? I would like to stay on the West Coast, but if you have any East Coast schools you're dying to recommend, let...
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    Anesthesiology ROL Pro's and Con's

    Hi folks, I wanted to share my thoughts on the top 8 places I interviewed at this season for anesthesiology. Don't take my rankings of these programs too seriously though, all of them are phenomenal and have unique offerings. Hope this helps future anesthesiology applicants choose a residency...
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    UPenn w/ scholarship vs. UNLV (OOS)

    The price for both schools pretty much are the same due to the scholarship I received from Penn. I currently live on the west coast so UNLV would be closer to home, but Penn would be a nice change in environment (but a lot further from my family). I went into this planning on going to more...