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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical What to Expect During Medical School

    You’re about to embark on four years of learning, working, socializing, and then learning and working some more. The best way to prepare for the long road ahead is to know what to expect. This post will walk you through the various avenues of medical school education, from reviewing what and how...
  2. S

    How would you prepare to be an EM phys?

    So I know I have a few years before I really need to think about this, but I have some ideas of specialty and most aren’t too crazy (psych, peds, PCP). But the one thing I really thought I wanted was EM. After starting school though, I just feel like I would be totally unprepared. I work well...
  3. S

    First time writing MCAT? Here's what to expect on test day + tips from my own experiences

    Hey everyone, I'm not a frequent posters on SDN, so I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. When I first wrote the MCAT, I spent many hours searching for information about the test day experience (e.g. different testing centers, protocol, rules, what to wear, etc.). I've now written...