1. D

    What do you think for chances?

    Age: 21 Overall gpa: 4.0 Science gpa: 4.0 Bio-chem-physics gpa: 4.0 Undergrad attended: A state University in the Midwest DAT score (worried about this!) 17 AA/ 16 BIO/ 16 GCHEM/ 17 Orgo/ 17 PAT/ 19 RC/ 19 QR Community Service: Volunteer for Hospice as a patient care volunteer to dying patients...
  2. W

    Wiche Funding?

    Can anyone explain how wiche works? I got a letter early in November that said I was qualified, but the funding is not guaranteed? I've been excepted to two wiche schools, so now what am I suppose to do once I picked the school I want to go to? Also is there a way to find out how much I would...
  3. C1Atlas

    Too late for PSEP? (AZ)

    Hello! I'm applying to PSEP (WICHE program) from Arizona, but I'm applying late. I submitted my application late March and the "on-time" deadline was in the fall. Although I'm late, I can still be considered as an alternate. Does anyone have any experience submitting late and receiving any PSEP...
  4. Legacy382

    Pitt or Minnesota?

    I need some help everyone. OOS for both Pitt and Minnesota. Received a 3k/year scholarship from Pitt. I am a Wiche applicant so IF I get awarded the Wiche funding I'll receive about 25k/ year only if I attend a school the state of North Dakota has a contract with so Minnesota and not Pitt. I...