1. Senescence kid

    Listing Letter Writers and should I ask for them to update old letters.

    My school has a committee which holds all my letters of recommendation for me. SO this is my question, should I have one LOR request form on my AMCAS that lists my PreMed Advisor and specify its a letter packet OR should I have a LOR request form for each letter writer and hand those in to the...
  2. D

    Board Exam Writers Needed

    Looking for practice board exam writers for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine or Pediatrics medical board exams. Ongoing writers needed, work from home and at your own pace. Looking for blocks of questions, 30, 60 or 90 questions. Must have experience taking and passing USMLE exams Please...
  3. MyBioGate

    US Healthcare & Medical Innovation Information Writer

    Paper Requirements 1. Articles must be original. Plagiarism or reproduction articles are not allowed and the contract with the submitter will be terminated immediately. 2. Do not resubmit the same article multiple times. Bulk submission is not allowed. 3. The Article must be relevant...
  4. T

    Practice USMLE Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  5. tigerkissedqt

    Veterinary Blogs

    I know there have been previous threads on this topic but those seem to be out-of-date at this point: I follow quite a few veterinary & veterinary student bloggers (as well as having my own), but it seems most of the people I've been following for the last couple of years seem to be deciding to...