1. dillonkor

    Hospital asking me to sign an amendment based on 2022 CMS physician fee schedule...help?

    I need your collective wisdom about how to respond to my HOPD employer decreasing wRVU based on the proposed 2022 CMS physician fee schedule which was announced back in July. In short, midwest, HOPD of a large system, wRVU at 25 percentile with target wRVU of 8000 before generating bonus. Not...
  2. D

    Work RVU

    Has anyone seen an increase in work RVUs for Medicare patients? The new E/M payment took effect January 2021 but I’m not seeing a change in my wRVUs despite 70% Medicare panel.
  3. T

    Pain practice setup with PA's, NP's, and scribes

    Hey guys, so I am in the process of setting up a hospital based pain practice and have a question regarding your setup and "midlevel" providers versus scribes to increase your throughput. My question is how have you integrated PA's and NP's into your system, and at what length do you become...