1. Mt. Fuji

    I'm Japanese student. PLEASE HALP ME!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Japanese graduated HS in Japan and living Japan now. I'm 20 years old. I want to enter a community college and transfer a university. Afterwords, I want to enter medical school. I'm going to enter a community college in California so I want to know: Which community college...
  2. L


    Hi y'all! I'm in a bit of a pickle. I just calculated my official AMCAS gpa and it is ROUGH (3.2 overall, 2.80 sGPA). There was a definitely an upward trend (frosh sGPA 2.19 to senior sGPA3.6) My undergrad university replaced bad grades that were retaken with the better grade so I've never seen...
  3. Teemo

    Are psychiatric hospitals open to teen volunteers? (Please Read)

    Hey there! I turned 16 and looking to volunteer at a hospital quite close to me that has a child/teen mental health area. I've been wanting to pursue a career in psychiatry, especially with teens & children, but would like to try it first. Since my hospital is looking for volunteers I am trying...