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2010 Residency pathway just started


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Jun 23, 2009
  1. Attending Physician
    -23 June buy the ERAS token from the OASIS ECFMG
    -1 July use your ERAS token to obtain an AAMC ID by registering in MYERAS
    -1 July send LOR, MSPE and Medical school Transcript (dont send any photo)
    -1 July upload a digital photo to your OASIS-ERAS showing only your face (any photo sent to the ECFMG will be rejected)
    -dont forget to pay the fee for the MYERAS to transmit your USMLE transcripts to programs (scores and certificate)
    -15 August register with the NRMP
    -1 September apply to the programs and pay the fees
    -Enjoy your interviews
    -24 February certify your rank order list before this date
    -15-18 March Match and postmatch
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