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May 23, 2020
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
    Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first-time poster. I have always appreciated the feedback I have seen on here, and I am finally at the point where I have the option to choose between these 3 schools (something I hadn't expected given me being a nontrad reapplicant). Each program has something positive going for it, so I am just trying to see if there is anything I am overlooking or overthinking as I ultimately make my final decision. Going in with an open mind, but interested in: Peds, PM&R, IM subspecialties, GS, and Derm (research background here but I know how competitive it is no matter where I go).

    -my first acceptance (accepted early in the cycle) for a solid 4-5 months it was my only acceptance, so I kinda just got into the mindset of attending the school
    -felt like I really clicked with their staff, enjoyed their facilities (SIM Lab looked great), and the overall grounds/buildings of the school look nice
    -students looked happy (was able to speak to a few students and they all seemed happy with their choice to attend ACOM) their match list seems pretty solid and I see some residency programs that I would not mind ending up at
    -have noticed a good chunk of incoming students attended my undergrad institution so might be able to bond over that common interest? a few friends in cities 3 hours away
    -Dothan has everything you need but nothing more. I feel comfortable there (deposit on an apt already) but I do recall my first impression being "Wow, can I live here?"
    -from S FL so it is still pretty far (~10 hrs) but driveable come move in time, not crazy about the 60% attendance rule but it could be worse, out of the 3 it is the least known, tuition is coming out to 52K

    -location plays a big role here, 3 hours away from home and my support system (can make a quick weekend trip easily), have a friend at their dental school and friends over in Tampa and Orlando. Sarasota is familiar to me and definitely the city I am most used to
    -really impressed with their match list, the traditional lecture style has never suited me so the PBL emphasis seems like it might be my thing, strong presence in FL and coming back to practice in S FL is my ultimate goal, GME seems to be more established than ACOM
    -the difference in tuition is quite large, however, that difference in tuition means 3rd and 4th year are ultimately up to me on finding rotation sites, not ideal but seems like it has worked out for LECOM students
    -class isn't required, but there is that dress code (honestly for 2 years I would work and go to class right after in professional attire so I am used to this)
    -Mr. Shively is great, but I have heard things about the program's staff. Due to a certain global pandemic, I never got the chance to be on campus and meet staff members and students so there is that

    -I mean it is DMU, the reputation is there. Students seem as prepared as they can be and the match list is great, facilities are top-notch (they're moving out West soon) their staff was really nice, research opportunities seem best out of the 3?
    -Des Moines is a bigger city, but oddly enough seemed pretty quiet on a Friday night, having lived in FL all my life, I have never experienced other than a handful of days in the high 30s a true winter let alone snow, logistically speaking just more difficult to move there (can't travel to see what apartment I will be living at) but there is a major airport so not bad for the fam to come visit
    -while they do not have a lot of students matching in FL, I think that is just due to the student body. Students and fellow interviewees were nice just not the type of community I am used to, the curriculum seems good, moving to a block schedule now, but you could tell some current students were kinda annoyed with how the staff handled the changing in the curriculum,
    -offered me a 50K scholarship (20K, 10K, 10K, 10K) so that is a big kicker for me, 50K is 50K and feels like something I have to absolutely consider

    Ultimately, it seems like it is coming down to LECOM and DMU. I know for most, the decision is DMU in a heartbeat, but with my support system a short drive away plus the unknown of a true snowy winter. I appreciate any input from everyone! Users like @DrStephenStrange @Goro @AnatomyGrey12 @PapaGuava have always provided some great and realistic advice so I am hoping I can gain some clarity from all this.

    PM me if anything, thanks!

    Zen Arcade

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    Jun 18, 2015
    1. Medical Student
      DMU no question... 50k scholarship to arguably the best DO school? Seems like a no brainer to me. And as someone who has lived in the Midwest his whole life - everyone who moves here and worries about the winter ends up eventually laughing at how silly they were to worry about it. It’s not that bad, in fact Iowa doesn’t even get that much snow most years.
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      Jul 18, 2014
      1. Medical Student
        DMU and here is why:
        -One of 5 Founding DO school with an established program and tons of alumni; stronger match list; and you got a 50k scholarship. I also have not heard of serious tensions at DMU. You cant go wrong with one of the best DO programs in the nation.

        Here is why NOT Lecom:
        I don't know which LECOM campus the post is about but it is not looking good for LECOM in general.

        Think twice about mandatory attendance (or even 60% mandatory) and dress code. In that cold winter, you don't want a dress code.
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