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Dec 12, 2003
  1. Medical Student
    for those who interviewed at was the interview day structured? my interview starts at 8:15...until what time should i expect to be there?
    also, how were your interview experiences? i've been reading the interview feedback and it seems albany loves ethical questions and stress interviews...yikes.


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    Feb 11, 2004
      First of all, good luck!

      When I was there in March, there was a morning and an afternoon interview schedule. Since you are a morning person, you will interview first. Each interview is approximately 45 minutes. I don't consider either interview I had to be "stress interviews" but one was much more relaxed than the other. They were both basically conversational in style, with some ethical questions/scenarios thrown in.

      It may take awhile to get through both interviews, depending on the schedule of your interviewers, so you probably be done with your interviews around 11 or 11:30. At this time, someone from admissions chatted with us and then the students showed up, we ate lunch, and then took a tour. After this, you should be done- about 1:00. I was scheduled for afternoon interviews, so this is when mine started.

      Overall, pretty low key. Positive impression.

      You'll do fine.


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      Aug 20, 2003
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        I had a similar experience. It seems that from the experiences I heard from other interviewees that this was a common theme, and the hardest ones were senior members of the adcom. That said, just be prepared to defend your opinions and you will be fine (they like ethical questions though). Some people (including myself) got hassled about some answers (not in a mean way), and I think they just want to make sure you are confident in your answers. Also, you'll be done early (like 1pm) - I had a 6pm flight, so I hung around for a couple of hours, but the 1st years didn't have classes, so I ended up sitting around at the airport for 3 hours. Good luck!


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        Mar 19, 2004
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          If you want to get out of there early, get there early. When you get there you have to sign in and they call you for your first interview in the order that you signed in. So if you are first, you'll get your first interview first. Too many ethics questions for my liking though

          Also I recommend to go to the student presentation on wednesday night. You'll get to meet some cool students and go out to a bar to see what it's like. You can do this even if you didn't ask for a student host. Check it out if your travel plans allow it.
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