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Jul 26, 2000
    I will complete my masters in Public Health, specializing in epidemiology in March. I have applied to several dental schools for 2001. Is there any benefit or downside to appling to dental school as a graduate student as apposed to an undergrad? I have a 3.5 currently in graduate school, and undergrad it was about a 3.25 cumulative and a 3.3 science. But my graduate major is a science based field. I also have been working as a dental assistant for a year now, and had prior volunteer experience in the dental field and others in undergrad. Is there any hope of my getting in to Dental school. I wish to attend UAB dental.


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    15+ Year Member
    Sep 25, 2000
    New Jersey
      They will probably focus more on your undergraduate record without dismissing your graduate work. They will look at your DAT scores and your letter or letters from your undergraduate college; they will look at letters from your graduate work but probably place a little more weight on the undergrad work. Why did you do a Masters in Epidemiology? If it was to improve your science grades, it was probably an unwise decision. You should have taken the sciences as an undergrad to improve the grades even if you had to go over the credits required for your BA/BS. If I make it sound as if you have a poor chance, not so. They will evaluate everything and make their own decisions. No way really to predict the outcome.



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      Jul 20, 2015
      1. Pre-Dental
        I have to disagree a little. Getting a graduate degree is a huge sign to dental schools that you were proactive during the year and pursued academics even further. That's not to say that they'll overlook your performance during undergrad, but they will definitely take your masters degree into consideration. It's something that makes you different from other applicants!
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