Appropriate to bring up at an interview?

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Helen Wheels

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Dec 12, 2008
  1. Attending Physician
    Just about the only way I think this could legitimately be brought up in an interview is if the interviewer asked for specific examples of altrusim in your life. Though I think you had better have a few other examples and not just this.


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    Jun 23, 2010
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      Oct 22, 2009
      1. Pre-Medical
        I think it's a GREAT thing for you to bring up! In fact, I think you should bring it up in EVERY ANSWER YOU GIVE.

        "Tell me about your favorite class in undergrad."
        "Oh, I took this cell bio class. I don't remember any of it, but it's where I met [NAME]. He was cool then. Now he's homeless and jobless. I'm letting him stay with me for free."
        "That's...nice. I see here you volunteered with Habitat for Humanity..."
        "Yes, I think it's important to provide homes for everyone. Like right now. I have a jobless, homeless acquaintance staying with me!"
        "...and I notice you got a C in this English class. Why might that be?"
        "I was working too much. Unlike [NAME], who isn't working right now and is living in my rec room!"

        And so on. You'd get accepted to every school you applied to, I'll bet!

        Disclaimer: The above post was completely sarcastic, for those who couldn't tell.


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        Dec 14, 2005
        1. Medical Student
          I interview applicants at my school and it's easy to see when an answer like that is stretched to apply to an unrelated question. In general, it's really easy to smell BS. Surprisingly so. It just doesn't come off in the right way. I wouldn't use it as an example of selflessness or giving-back-ed-ness. Sometimes people ask "how would your friends describe you" or "what kind of friend are you" type questions, and to those this scenario would apply.

          Incidentally, I get a kick out of the supposed "hours" many of the pre-med applicants list on their AMCAS for EC's. Seriously, it's amazing how every applicant is working like 80 hour weeks doing research and volunteer work. Again, the BS comes through very easily on our end.


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          Dec 30, 2008
          1. Resident [Any Field]
            I told one of my interviewers that I walked by a homeless guy lying in an alley once and didn't kick him in the head.

            I didn't get into that school, but I am sure my interviewer appreciated my generosity of spirit.
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