May 17, 2020
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Hi Everyone!

I just had a quick question about the BCPM guidelines and how strict they actually are?
I'm planning on taking these two courses next semester, but I'm not sure if they would actually count towards my sGPA?

Biopharmaceuticals Dev and Regulation is listed under Biotechnology and counts as an upper elective for the biology major at my school.
Description: We will examine and analyze the regulatory process as product candidates are advanced from Research and Development, through pre-clinical and clinical testing to launch. Worked examples will be explored to illustrate complex topics and illustrate interpretation of regulations.
(I'm not too sure about this one tbh because it seems like it's Pharmacology, but seeing as it's listed under BIOT, I thought I'd ask.)

Drugs and Behavior is listed under psychology, but I've seen that some people (in other posts) have been able to get it under the BCPM classification.
The course is listed as PSYC: Drugs & Behavior
The description on Website: The effects of psychoactive drugs on the brain and behavior.
Syllabus Description: This course examines the use of psychoactive drugs, using this topic to explore human behavior: from the interactions between chemicals and neurons to the psychological and physiological effects on the individual to the impact on society; we will touch on topics relating to biology, pharmacology, neuroscience, chemistry, anthropology, history, law, sociology, and political science. The effects of psychoactive drug use on the brain and on behavior will help us to understand human behavior in a biological context; the effects of psychoactive drug use on society will help us to understand the behavior of social and political groups and how they influence the individual

Thanks for the help!
Jul 31, 2019
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If it is more than 50% BCPM you can categorize it as such.

I has biology courses with non-bio class tags count as BCPM.

Worst case you just keep them counted as non science, but you can always appeal and explain along with providing a professors contact to support your claim.
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