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Elective in HK?


10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
May 3, 2005
  1. Medical Student
It just occurred to me that I might want to try to do an elective in HK my fourth year (2008-2009). I speak a moderate amount of Mandarin and understand some Cantonese. My mom (who's from HK) says that they speak English at the big university hospitals -- is that true? Am I mostly looking at HKU? What other ones should I try to contact?

This would mostly be just for fun for me, since I plan to practice in the U.S., but I would like a good excuse to get back to HK again.



Junior Member
10+ Year Member
Nov 18, 2004
Hong Kong
  1. Medical Student
There are only 2 universities in HK which have med school, CUHK and HKU. Both uses English as their language of instruction. So when you on the wards, when you do case presentation, or discussion, everything is conducted in English, so not knowing Chinese is no problem. For CUHK, the primary teaching hospital is Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) while HKU clinical teaching would mainly be stationed at Queen Mary Hospital (QMH).

There were actually a number of my friends I knew back when I was in Canada who came to PWH for their electives as well.

Hope this helps.
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