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how are you scoring on kaplan tests?


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Jul 29, 2003
    those of you who are taking kaplan, what are you getting on your practice tests? I am barely breaking 30 everytime and seem to have reach my peak. is this happening to some of you? anyone consistently scoring much better (ie...consistently over 34?)


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    Jun 21, 2002
    Atl and soon to be OKC
      i made a 21 on the diag, 25 on the 1st full length, and a 28. im expecting to make my jump into the 30s this sunday because i had 2 weeks to hit mcat hardcore. im hoping to start showing consistency around test 4 and 5, so i have an idea about where I'm headed.

      Have you guys heard that people that take kaplan tend to score 2-3 points higher on the real thing? I'm just curious, buts thats nice if true


      It will get better once you are...still waiting :)
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      Oct 8, 2003
      1. Attending Physician
        Well it really depends on your luck factor too (test aptitude varies a few points depending on mood and other environmental factors. (don't have any scientific evidence/paper but thats what I have been reading here on SDN.. too noisy.... incorrect timekeeping at the test center etc)..... and not everyone scored a few points higher if they took kaplan/tpr etc.......

        Just keep putting in your best and hope for the best :)
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        Jul 10, 2003
        The bushes outside your house
          I took the MCAT last August.

          Took the Kaplan course and did something like 9 practice tests.

          My score peaked at 36, pretty much scored from 33-36. Got a 33 on the real deal. I got some butterflies on test day and dropped three points in physics, which sucks come I'm an engineer.

          It all worked out okay. Good luck guys that test sucks I like run on sentences.


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          Jan 28, 2004
            hey guys, i took the mcat a couple of summers ago and took the kaplan prep course. i had the same problem that i had a hard time seeing improvement. i seemed to be stuck at scoring 30-31. i talked to a friend who had taken the mcat the april before (i took it in august) and he said he had the same problem too but he heard that the kaplan tests are much more difficult than the real test and not completely acurate in their style and level of difficulty. he suggested that i try taking an old mcat that is put out by amcas (or aamc or whoever). when i took kaplan, they had these tests on file in their office for you to come and and practice with. i took a couple of these and my score shot up 8-9 points. i scored somewhere in between the two on the real mcat but it definitely helped my pre-mcat stress level to know that i WAS actually improving significantly and also helped to get a feel for the syle and level of difficulty of the real mcat (remember the amcas ones are actual old mcats so they're the real deal). hope this helps a little.
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