How do i get a letter?


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Nov 3, 2003
    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if theres been a post like this before, but I didnt find one in a search. So, I'm going to apply to med school as a first time applicant and I've known about osteopathic schools for a long time (my dad had some chronic back pain and only a DO could fix him), but we dont live in the same area anymore. I'm having the hardest time getting a DO to return my calls - making shadowing difficult - and getting that letter even moreso... AND I'm in the came city as PCOM!! Any advice? How'd you guys get your letters. I'm getting a little turned off and am trying to stop myself from becoming COMPLETELY disenchanted over this issue...


    Anyone a DO resident in philly??:laugh::laugh:


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    Mar 23, 2004
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      I was in the same boat as you. I couldnt get a D.O. to return my calls to save my life. So I said screw it, I drove over to the clinic where she was working and finally was able to speak to her. Turns out she didnt know I had been trying to call and wasnt even getting my messages, but allowed me to shadown her as much as I wanted. I ended up getting a most excellent letter of rec that sent my application and file through the roof.

      Be persistent, it'll pay off.

      Good luck to you!!!

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      Sep 23, 2002
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        Here's an idea. Since you live in Philly, call up their alumni affairs office. Tell them you are very interested in attending PCOM and hoped that you could find an alumnus to shadow. They should be pretty helpful (if their office is anything like ours at UHS). The other thing to do is to start calling people in the phone book. Or, if you have insurance, switch your primary care doc to a DO and go in for a checkup. While there be really nice to the receptionist and ask if you can shadow the doc. Another thing, when you call a Docs office, tell the receptionist that you are a prospective osteopathic medical student and ask them if the Doctor ever has students shadow him.

        good luck
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