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how does kaplans RC compare?

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Jun 6, 2008
  1. Attending Physician
    My thoughts: I got a 25 on the real RC, but on Kaplan I don't think I ever got anything higher than a 21. On IQ publications I was getting about 3 wrong per set of 15-19ish questions.

    My question for you guys.. particularly Doc23242342,
    Is it worth your time to chase around the forums trying to figure out how accurate each of the practice materials are in estimating your real DAT score?

    My thoughts.....
    I know Doc234234 always asks what people got on the practice, and I find it hard to believe the information he has received has been consistent. I believe it is not consistent because there is a lot more at play when you write the DAT. There's plain and simple luck or bad luck. If you get an easy passage for example or if you know something about the topic that may add a few points. Likewise lack of knowledge may take away a few points. And everyone is different in this respect.
    Furthermore, the nature of the information you are getting is purely anecodotal. Unless you are secretly tallying all these and finding Pearson correlation coeffficients, what good will incessantly asking this question do? Not a lot.
    Also the time you spend can be better put towards knowing the material or practicing. This is pretty key in my mind. Going through the actions enough times can make writing the DAT second nature - and writing without stress puts you in a whole new frame of mind.
    Finally, say you do figure out that, for example, Kaplan's RC is more accurate than Topscore's at predicting your true DAT score.. What will you do with this information? Will this mean that you will practice Kaplan more often? This is wrong.. just because Kaplan is better at predicting your score, does not mean that Topscore is a poor method of preparation. Or will it give you confidence knowing that your Kaplan scores were 20+ and your Topscores were all below 20? Well, like I said before, and I think everyone else has said on these forums. there's a likelihood that your scores will be + or - a few. That is a pretty big difference between a 17 and 20 or a 17 and a 23.

    I don't mean to offend anyone, and if you are I'm sorry. I'm just telling it the way I see it.

    Know this: the practice materials you have are good. Prepare for the
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