How should I pace myself?


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Jun 10, 2005
    I have a sort of interesting problem--I finish way too fast. I'm consistently scoring between 10-12 in the sciences and 9-11 in verbal. But I'm curious whether it'd be more efficient to take time slowly and just devote the 9 minutes or however much to each passage and move on, and never go back. As it stands, I usually finish in about half the time they give me, like say at the 40 minute mark in verbal (EK101 and AAMCs).

    I've always naturally been a quick test-taker, but I've never really had a test where I was concerned with getting as close to a 100% as possible. I've generally been satisfied with doing as best as I could and leaving my tests, but I'd really like to optimize my score as much as possible since the MCAT is so influential in admissions.

    Most of my errors come from nitpicky details. In AAMC verbal sections, I miss mostly type 1 questions, which leads me to believe that I should just read slower and much more carefully. I've found that I lose attention of what I'm reading when I tried that today and I scored poorer than usual on a full-length verbal.

    Anyways, sorry that I'm getting pretty long-winded, does anyone have some suggestions?
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