In search for final advice: NWH vs. BIDMC vs. Columbia vs. Stanford


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Jan 23, 2007
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    I pretty much have settled on #1. However, the rest keep bothering me.

    For any other midwesterners out there who may read this before 7PM CST, how would you rank these based on academics?
    And then on the idea that you would be moving away somewhere far not knowing a single soul?

    Would Boston, NYC, or Palo Alto/SF appeal to someone in their mid20s? I assume that life outside of work is just as important if I will be starting fresh somewhere else.


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    Aug 9, 2006
      stanford > bidmc > nw > columbia,

      but its all about what you want in a program andd city. all of those cities are nice, ny may be too expensive, and cold, similar to boston. chicago is a little cheaper and more friendly for an out of towner which is nice. and stanford, well hands down like the above post
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