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Jun 3, 2003
    Hey all,

    Just a reminder from a friendly second year student. I just had an informal lunch with some interviewees at my school and I wanted to pass along some helpful tips to others who might find themselves in this position.

    Please be respectful of your student hosts! If you are a local applicant who grew up down the street, please don't consider it the school's obligation to accept you. Or, if you went to the local highschool, please don't consider that that experience was way more important than say, going to Harvard or Berkeley. Locally people may be impressed, but on the national scene, the local high school does not hold much weight. Also, if you are a group of young men, do not ignore the woman (me) who is being your student host today. This means, do not ignore her comments, her questions and any other things that she may say. Please do not patronize her because she does not particpate in sports, for example.

    I know that most people are awesome applicants and wouldn't do dumb stuff like this, but I was really surprised to see this behavior. Students who help out with admissions stuff are still part of the admissions experience and you need to take this seriously. Being invited to interview is - to me - a great honor and I took it very seriously. You are still being observed even tho it is 'just lunch.'

    Otherwise, I say to everyone - good luck in this process!!

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