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Is my course load too light?


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Jan 25, 2018
    I am a junior (first year as pre-med so just started chipping away at pre-reqs) with a 3.92 GPA. I have a solid internship doing emergency department clinical research (15hr/week + 2 hrs commute) and I work a job meant for public health grad students (8hr/week) on campus where I apply to grants, program things for the money, run a club affiliated with the office on campus etc. I am taking gen Chem 2 honors, gen bio (I don't feel challenged in this class), and my bioethics synthesis. This is the first week of the semester and the only other course I could take are a math or physics due to pre-reqs. I am wondering if I should add a class or if I am underestimating how taxing this semester will be with the internship and working (or maybe work more hours). I want to focus on performing well at my internship as that letter of rec will mean more in the future. I feel guilty not taking more classes. Looking for some advice and clarity, any thoughts on this are appreciated.
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    Oct 18, 2017
    1. Pre-Medical
      You seem very busy! It sounds like right now it is very bearable but I think that sometimes things can add up without you realizing and then you might feel overwhelmed with the combination of all the things you are doing. For now it seems like you are doing A LOT.
      If you really "feel guilty" (which you shouldn't) and want to get more classes out of the way maybe you should take a couple classes this summer.
      You sound like you are doing great good luck!!!


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    • May 12, 2016
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        I took 11 credits senior fall and no one asked about it. In fact if adcoms really cared if you took a light load I would probably be doomed because I took 16 credits of "research for credit" classes which let me skip time-consuming labs and waste of time bio classes while also counting that time as research hours, not to mention that those classes are easy As if your PI isn't a D-bag.

        It's about working smarter, not harder..
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