Mar 8, 2013
So my passion is say... "cancer". I've done cancer research since HS. I have three different cancer research experiences and I also volunteered in an oncology unit in a hospital. My major is also related to cancer! Not that I've never considered doing anything else... I just love the subject and I am pretty sure I want to go into oncology. This summer I had the chance to shadow other physicians like anesthesiologists, surgeons, neurologists, and primary care physicians and I dont feel any different about the field I am interested in.
Say, if I were to get involved in cancer clinical research volunteering, would that be too much?
Is all of this too focused? :-(


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Jun 26, 2011
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You never want to get too invested in pursuing one medical specialty, since you haven't even begun medical school yet. However, you seem to have a lot of experience in that particular field, and having a interest in a particular side of medicine is a good way to keep up the steam through all your classes. Your extensive research is great, your shadowing is probably more than enough and you seem to have a good start on your clinical exposure. Do whatever you want with cancer research. However, you need to have some kind of volunteer work which shows your altruism. That is very important and can be clinical or non clinical. Since you seem to have lots (or will soon) of the former, I recommend getting involved with a service group on campus, tutoring or some other community volunteer group. Looks great, otherwise. Good luck!