mental health clinician (LMHC)
Dec 7, 2014
This is the most #firstworldproblems question ever, but I am curious:

Do physicians (not med students, not residents!) have need of a laptop? Could you get by working as a full fledged doctor without owning personal technology? If you do need a laptop, would your employer provide it, or are you expected to BYO tech?

I’m on an extreme minimalism kick and frankly tired of owning so much crap. Just wondering what the future may hold.
Jul 25, 2008
  1. Attending Physician
Are you asking if a doctor can get away with owning a desk top or no computer at all?

Sure it’d be possible, but it’d just make your life more difficult to not have a computer at all.
You can do things like re-apply for your license or watch an online lecture for CME at work, but I do most of those miscellaneous tasks at home on my own computer.

Due to Covid and the jump to telemedicine my current job did give everyone laptops, but I still mostly use my personal laptop more.

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