Latest to take mcat ?

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Jul 25, 2022
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I want to apply this year but been focusing on other things and will like to take the mcat by the end of summer. I just graduated and my gpa and ECs are competitive as well as Im a first gen and URM. What is the latest day I should take the mcat while remaining somewhat competitive ? I want to give this cycle a shot even If I dont get in since I will already be in a gap year since I graduated this past weekend. Im applying TMDSAS and AMCAS

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Please revise your plan. You may want to give it a shot even if you don't get in but being late (you will be late - very late) puts you at a disadvantage that will not be off-set by your status as a first gen student. If May 2025 rolls around and you have no offers of admission after months of effort and thousands of dollars in expenses, will you really be glad that you gave it a shot?

Like marriage, the goal should be to do it right and do it once.

In my opinion, the best timeline is:
application submitted by 4th of July
everything including LORs and MCAT scores not later than Labor Day
at least one interview invitation by Thanksgiving
at least one offer by Mardi Gras (mid-February)

What day do you need to take the MCAT to get the scores reported by September 2nd? Most likely, 35 days before which would around July 27th.

Just keep in mind that there will be thousands of applicants who have their applications in ahead of you and you just have to hope that your application rises like cream and can be skimmed off the top even if it is not complete until September (others will be complete and begin the review process in late July).
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What is the latest day I should take the mcat while remaining somewhat competitive ?
Why would you want to be “somewhat” competitive? Out of everything you have control over during this process, the one thing in your control that significantly alters your chances is when you submit your app. There’s nothing wrong with taking an additional gap year, you’ll actually be a stronger applicant because of it.

If set on applying this year - latest MCAT to be competitive is ideally now - June, with primary submitted June-July and secondaries pre written for submission ASAP upon receipt.
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FGLI URM here who submitted primary early August due to late June MCAT. I got very, very lucky this cycle with my acceptances despite getting WL at my #1. My app is much stronger now than last august so maybe I could have gotten into my #1 If I had just waited a year, submitted day 1 and practiced my interview skills?

Strongly suggest you hold off your app and apply day 1 next cycle. You want to get into the best school you can with the most amount of aid. Use the extra year to get publications, all of which can be put in your ERAS residency app. Depending on your productivity, you may not even need to take an extra research year during MS. You can also use the extra year to network with current students, alumni and faculty at your reach schools through SNMA and LMSA, etc. They may provide advice on how to write your application materials to resonate with their school.

The decision to apply is up to you but you need to ask yourself if you, or future you, would rather attend SGU next year or Havard the year after?
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If you applying into TMDSAS, I'll let @wysdoc advise you. The TMDSAS process is different with an earlier timeline than AMCAS that finding how to time your MCAT is tricky. But I agree with the comment: why be "somewhat competitive"? If you bomb the MCAT, you won't be "somewhat" competitive.

With TMDSAS, you can apply to all the schools, and I'm sure you can signal that you have a pending MCAT. Because you have an advantage as a Texas resident vs. an AMCAS applicant, having an earlier but strong MCAT score will help you. Also, you will need to schedule Casper/Duet for some of those schools.