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Dec 28, 2014
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    I am thinking about taking The Princeton Review MCAT prep course during the summer and was wondering how much time outside of the classes do you people usually put into it. I am wondering because i also plan on working and volunteering as well.

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      This is a question probably best posted in the general MCAT discussions forum. I can't speak specifically to TPR, but I'll offer this: you should think of the MCAT as nearly a full-time job over the summer. Expect to spend anywhere from 25-45hr/wk total on your MCAT prep, depending on your own learning speed and native test-taking talents. Trying to hold down a serious job and volunteering opportunity while also doing MCAT prep is doable, but will be tough. You'll need to have excellent time-management skills and be willing to give up most of your social life.


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      Jan 6, 2015
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        Go for berkley review, its intense but worth it. I took it as well as Princeton Review. I would say it also depends on what ur weaknesses are and ur strengths. Princeton is good for biology and also general chemistry. I personally didn't like Berkley Review biology. It was way too dense. Berkley review teaches you a lot of trick for gen chem, which I was so grateful for. Berkley review gives u very good and difficult practice exam, so no matter how hard ur exam is, you'll always be prepared due to the level of difficulty that Berkley review exam gives. If u have any questions, send me a private message.

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          Time investment required can certainly vary by student, but for our Summer Full-Immersion Course we recommend 100% MCAT focus, no jobs...maybe a minor extracurricular. Remember that GPA and MCAT are the two biggest factors on your app. One of them you have been working on for 4 years...and the second one most students spend 2-3 months? That's one reason I recommend 4-6 months for even the brightest students.

          I'd be rich if I had a penny for every student who told me after exam day they wished they had had more time to study, or had used their time more wisely, but I am yet to meet a student who after taking the exam says: "I should have spent less time preparing." Do your research and shop around.
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