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May 12, 2020
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    Hello all,

    I am having trouble identifying MSW programs nation-wide that incorporate an emphasis on evidence based practice for those who decide to pursue a more clinically focused track.

    It appears there is no consolidated source but rather, one needs to look at individual programs on their websites one-by-one to learn about curriculum offerings. Wondering if anyone is familiar with either a better means of familiarizing myself or knows of programs themselves?

    Thus far I've identified:

    1. Columbia - DBT 12 month track specialization
    2. USC - CBT emphasis available

    Any direction or commentary is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


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    Jan 23, 2012
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      There are a lot of great clinical programs out there, but like you said there is no unified way they present themselves. If memory serves, there are quite a few programs with a CBT emphasis. You might look into University of Colorado (Denver), University of Central Florida, University of Tennessee. UPenn, uh, Tulane, University of Kentucky, UT at Austin, and uh UMich? Please verify those results my information could be outdated. ;) I can think of a ton of state programs that offer CBT as part of their evidenced based practice clinical track. . Those are just ones that I've heard comments from students or know faculty teaching at those universities.

      Sorry that was a half answer, but there are actually a ton of campuses that offer classes or a specialization in CBT/DBT/ACT etc, but it's poorly advertised -- as you noticed. For example, UCF has a "clinical track" and that's all they advertise it as, but last I heard the classes were all CBT based and taught by great faculty. yet they don't go into that detail on the landing page for that program's website.

      You can go to the CSWE page and sort accredited programs by specialization. Then review the websites of the programs with a mental health specialization. That might help narrow it down a bit. Though looking through it I noticed there are quite a few programs that list themselves with a mental health specialty but it's only available at a specific regional campus and not all the campuses.

      Good luck on your search! When in doubt contact the program to verify.
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