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MWU CCP app. complete 9/20/06


10+ Year Member
Jun 21, 2006
  1. Pharmacy Student
I had my Midwestern CCP application complete as of 9/20/06. I recently inquired about my status and this is what they say: "The only thing we can tell you at this point is that your application has been reviewed but there has been no decision made on the outcome. Your application is still viable and will be periodically monitored until a final decision has been made. We assure you that as soon as we know the outcome we will notify you as quickly as possible." Any one else having to wait this long for a school that is on "Rolling admissions"? What do you guys think of this? Good? I don't know. I think they would have rejected me already if they didn't like me, no? Give me your opinion! THanks!


Super Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 4, 2006
  1. Pharmacist
It means that you meet the minimal requirements, but at this time there are applicants that they consider "more competitive." They are still considering you as a candidate. Waiting is never fun, but it is part of the game.
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