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Jun 11, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hey guys, I unfortunately did not make it into dental school last year and am reapplying this year. I think I screwed up by applying October 30th, so hopefully this year goes a little better. I'm going to be applying first week that it opens up to maximize my chances.

    State of residency: MI
    cGPA and sGPA: 3.35c and 3.2s
    DAT (AA/TS/PAT): 21/20/22
    Shadowing: Around 300 hours shadowing dentists
    Volunteering: Not too much volunteering, was a Red Cross member but did not do much with that and worked for a few political parties sparsely. Also helped in a few university conventions for kids.
    Research: 1000 hours between a cancer lab and a pysch/bio lab.
    Extracurricular: Currently working as a clinical research coordinator for my gap year.
    Honors: Half my undergrad tuition paid by scholarship. co-author of an abstract.

    LOR Type: Last year I had 3 strong research professors, and a weak science teacher. I plan on changing one research with a dentist, however I also have a senator and a top ranked endocrinologist as potential letters. I'm unsure if it's worth adding them, any input would be great!

    Undergrad: Wayne State
    Major: Biology
    Minority: Middle-Eastern/Lebanese, considered white but I put middle-eastern.
    State of Residence: Michigan
    Reapplicant: Yes
    Nontrad: No

    Misc info: I feel like I've got decent overall stats, however my GPA is absolutely under what it should be. I started my first year with a 2.9 and kind of just averaged a 3.5 randomly until it went to where it is.

    Current school list, fully willing to change. Any tips on this list would be great as I would love to get into anything at this point.
    University of Colorado
    U of M Ann Arbor(dream school, super duper hopeful but doubtful here)
    Mercy(wait listed me)
    Lake Eerie
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