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Sep 19, 2005
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    I have examples of personal statements at my site, but each year I come on SDN and ask people to anonymously donate the personal statement they used to gain acceptance.

    If you would like to give back to those going through the misery of applying, then please send me a copy of your personal statement without any information you don't want on the internet.

    You can see examples of what I am talking about:

    PM me your essay and if you want: applied/interviewed/accepted/attending!


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    Nov 4, 2010
    1. Pre-Dental
      .Although humans are certainly not the fastest or strongest species in existence, our cognitive abilities prove distinctive. I am humbled at what intelligence has been able to create. Each member of our society is dependent on others, and becoming the best we can individually is important to function as a harmonious collective. While not always knowing what my future may hold, giving my most genuine effort has always felt rewarding and expected. These beliefs have granted me a commendable trait, profuse heart. .
      .As most students entering college, excitement had consumed me. I stood on the Pennsylvania State University unaccompanied by a specific major, and wondering where my path may lead. Making a promise to push myself with all I had was my initial step, and biology had quickly struck my liking. Feeling wired to think along the principles I was presented with in my physiology courses, my curiosity and questioning were difficult to satiate. Appreciating the complexity of the human body had unleashed my interest of evolutionary science. I had finally found myself a niche, and my academic passion was encouraging..
      .After my sophomore year I had time to reflect on a career. I was armed with an unscathed transcript, and several awards for performing such tasks. I remember opening the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and never reading past Dentist. Upon literally seeing the word everything had immediately clicked. Perhaps a grander tale could be to my benefit, but I believe my passion has shown through sufficiently. .
      .Chasing the need for a robust academic performance, I was not willing to leave questions unanswered. I am an individual who enjoys the feeling of accomplishment after giving forth my grandest and most sincere effort. A developmental biology exam junior year had rewarded such training. I achieved the highest score in a class of over 500 fellow students. Walking into my professor’s office, I was immediately invited to join his research team. I felt such an opportunity would defend my intellectual capacity, and ability to become a competent dentist. While balancing a course load and research position, I literally sensed drive exceeding my skin. Describing this feeling is difficult, as is fully understanding it myself. .
      .The remainder of my college experience, I woke up each day reflecting on my goals. Many tasks which I would complete, I did with the thoughts of future dentistry. I began shadowing dentists and specialists, and immediately appreciated the intricacies of such a career. I believe a cherished dentist is not only a master of the manual craft, but unsurpassed people skills create the elite. Dentists are honored personal time with each patient, no matter how brief. I enjoy comforting others, and minuscule time is all I need to settle them. .
      .The drive I hold within is unextinguishable. I literally feel the emotion running throughout my body. It is my force, my gift, and my key to excellence. Becoming a member of The Golden Key International Society is a valued accomplishment. Members of this society are amongst the top fifteen percent in the university, and receiving an invitation was rewarding. This opportunity has allowed me to communicate with future professionals of my generation, which proves invaluable. Members enjoy ‘giving back’ to the community via volunteer work, and peer mentoring. I have performed community service with these individuals, heavily participated in Thon activities, and donated countless hours at my local church. Helping others is the most rewarding aspect of my existence, and I believe I have strength in this field. .
      .My future patients are a gift of mine, and becoming a proficient dentist is the least I can do for them. I plan on utilizing a year to begin studying the literature seen throughout a dental school experience. I believe this is going to be my secret to success. I will continue dental shadowing and scientific research in which I am already engulfed. Testing the accuracy of ancestral phylogenetic trees has proved stimulating. I earned a co-authorship on one publication, with several more actively being pursued. I became addicted to giving my fullest effort, in every situation, every single time. Many of my professors were eager to write a letter of their belief in my potential. Teach me how to become a valued dentist. Let me absorb. Let me flourish. Let me inspire. .
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